bikepacking redefined

New trend in bike traveling

What does bikepacking mean?

What is Bikepacking exactly?

Bikepacking combines the fun of riding a lightweight bicycle with the fascination of bike touring. The use of special bag systems keeps the bike agile and capable of riding on all terrains; this lets you leave well-travelled paths and ride over rough terrain during tours.

Distinction from 6 bag touring

Bikepacking is a new type of bike travel, a sporty, lighter, and all-terrain alternative to classic bike touring with its six characteristic bags: the large pair of bags on the rear rack, including a cross roll, a pair of front bags on the lowrider, and the handlebar bag.

Different types of bikepacking

Bikepacking offers a wealth of new possibilities, especially to athletic cyclists who love to ride fast. In any case, touring without racks brings a sense of adventure. The ease with which a rackless bike can move across terrain, the high speed that becomes possible on asphalt

What do I need for Bikepacking?

Which bike is the perfect one and where do i find a packing list?