Bikepacking Trans Germany and Milestone Trophy

Two of the toughest bikepacking self-supported races in Germany are approaching. On June 17, the “Milestone Trophy” (“Grenzsteintrophy“ = GST) will take place, followed by Trans Germany on July 02. The GST race, the big brother of this year’s first Candy B. Graveller race, follows the previous border between West and East Germany and the[…]

Island mit dem Fatbike © Waltraud Schulze

Cold, colder, Iceland

I’ve always wanted to travel to Iceland, but somehow I never managed to get there, now  I’m finally setting off for my first trip to Iceland in the winter time, accompanied by my fatbike Pilger by Velotraum Pilger with XXL-Rohloff. I’m fascinated by Iceland’s geology, lava  rocks, basalt columns, volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs and the[…]

ORTLIEB Gravel-Pack

More waterproof bikepacking products made by Ortlieb

The trail ends. The adventure begins Bikepacking has developed from a niche market to an established form of biking. Nowadays numerous different bike types are available in the market – such as cross bikes or gravel grinders – they had their share in making bikepacking more well known; until now road or mountain bikes were[…]