Long-distance bikepacking

Biking with minimalistic bikepacking equipment offers many advantages, in particular when it comes to dynamics and choosing a suitable route. You will be faster and more flexible with less weight and luggage on your bike; sections where you carry and walk your bike are easier to handle, and downhill rides will be the perfect flow with less baggage on your bike.

However, does the bikepacking collection including handlebar, saddle and frame pack offer enough space? “Pushbikegirl“ Heike Pirngruber, a German globetrotter from Baden-Württemberg tested almost all varieties during ten-thousands of kilometers. She discovered the advantages of the bikepacking line: more fun and pleasure, better weight distribution and overall less volume. However, as a long-distance cyclist she needs to cover her food supplies for several days, therefore she clearly favors the advantages of ORTLIEB’s classical panniers. Especially storing and transporting food and her 13″ laptop cannot be handled with bikepacking packs alone.

The easy handling of classic panniers was an important issue for the “Pushbikegirl“, as panniers can be quickly taken off – e.g. for a short river crossing, or for taking them inside her tent, a fact which is not so easy with bikepacking packs. Further, compact, small bags are packed differently, and it is easier finding your stuff in classic panniers. Regarding sturdiness and waterproofness, Heike clearly favors the conventional classic panniers. However, she points out: each traveler will have different needs and wishes, best you gather your personal experiences.



One thought on “Long-distance bikepacking

  • Seit mehr als 20000 km sind wir mit bikepacking setup unterwegs, die meiste Zeit in sehr abgelegenen Regionen, die wir mit normaler Ausrüstung nie so hätten entdecken können. Um nichts in der Welt möchten wir zurück zu den alten Packtaschen wechseln, die Vorteile überwiegen für uns bei weitem, auch wenn man sich bei der Ausrüstung einschränken muss.
    Und nicht nur wir nutzen und schätzen bikepacking für die lange Tour:
    Hier erklären drei erfahrene Langzeitbikepacker ihr Setup und Packsystem. Eigene Erfahrungen sind gut, von anderen lernen kann aber bei der Entscheidung hilfreich sein. Viel Spass!

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