How to clean your bikepacking bags

Bikepacking is an adventure and mostly a dirty one, definitely not as clean as it looks most catalogues.

How to clean your bikepacking bags:

In winter especially riders have a tough time with dirt, snow and mud. Most of the time bikepackers are riding without mudguards, therefore bike and bags get extremely dirty. The saddlebag acts as mudguard protecting the rider from dirt.

So how do you best clean your gear?

Soft cleaning is important; solvents, pure alcohol or acid-based cleaners are not recommended as they attack and damage the material and construction.
Suitable cleaners are liquid soap or “bile” soap for severe stains.
Shake out the bag and brush as much dirt off as possible with a dry hand brush, a dry tooth brush can be useful for hard to get to areas.
For thorough cleaning we recommend using liquid soap in warm water, a soft brush or sponge, some bikers have been known to take their bag into the shower!
After cleaning and rinsing – open out your bag, wipe it dry and air it thoroughly.
Do not use heat of any form such as dryer or on a radiator.
Synthetic materials such do not require further treatment with care products, however metal parts should be protected from corrosion by using a light application of a protective spray.
Zippers are best maintained with silicone or a tiny drop of olive oil in order to keep them running smooth.

Your bikepacking bags are ready for the next trip and for getting dirty again…

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