Bikepacking Trans Germany and Milestone Trophy

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Two of the toughest bikepacking self-supported races in Germany are approaching. On June 17, the “Milestone Trophy” (“Grenzsteintrophy“ = GST) will take place, followed by Trans Germany on July 02.

The GST race, the big brother of this year’s first Candy B. Graveller race, follows the previous border between West and East Germany and the military patrol roads of the former National People’s Army (NVA). With a distance of approximately 1250 kilometers, around 18,000 meters difference in altitude, perforated concrete slabs and numerous steeps ascents, this ride will for sure wear down the participants. Founder of both the GST and the CBG races is Gunnar Fehlau who contributes his share on the topics bikepacking and overnighter in his blog with the same name.

The Bike Packing Trans Germany is just as challenging as the Milestone Trophy (GST). With 1643 kilometers and 20,000 meters difference in altitude it is quite a challenge for all riders.

The following video provides great impressions of Bikepacking Trans Germany:

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