ORTLIEB Ride Beyond

Ride beyond Stereotypes – Bikepacking Ladiescamp

Ride beyond Stereotypes – Bikepacking only for real guys? Bikepacking is the latest trend, and is getting increasingly popular, however, this type of traveling by bike is mainly enjoyed by male bikers. Is bikepacking a testosterone dominated playground for bikers? This issue was also questioned by ORTLIEB who will prove the opposite in June: ORTLIEB[…]


The Overnighter

“But I know, and have always known, that we 20th-century humans need to escape at intervals from that alien world which has so abruptly replaced the environment that bred us. We need to be close, and opposed to, and sometimes subservient to, and always respectful of the physical realities of the planet we live on.[…]

ORTLIEB Gravel-Pack

More waterproof bikepacking products made by Ortlieb

The trail ends. The adventure begins Bikepacking has developed from a niche market to an established form of biking. Nowadays numerous different bike types are available in the market – such as cross bikes or gravel grinders – they had their share in making bikepacking more well known; until now road or mountain bikes were[…]