Ride beyond stereotypes

ORTLIEB Ladiescamp in Slovenia – Let’s Ride Beyond Stereotypes

ORTLIEB Ladiescamp in Slovenia „How should I bring all my gear”, moans Jaqueline – who is soon called Wilma by everybody – in distress. Her framebag seems to burst at the seams. It’s the first night in the so-called Ladiescamp. The atmosphere is great, though the girls hardly know each other and some of them[…]

ORTLIEB Ride Beyond

Ride beyond Stereotypes – Bikepacking Ladiescamp

Ride beyond Stereotypes – Bikepacking only for real guys? Bikepacking is the latest trend, and is getting increasingly popular, however, this type of traveling by bike is mainly enjoyed by male bikers. Is bikepacking a testosterone dominated playground for bikers? This issue was also questioned by ORTLIEB who will prove the opposite in June: ORTLIEB[…]

Bikepacking Trans Germany and Milestone Trophy

Two of the toughest bikepacking self-supported races in Germany are approaching. On June 17, the “Milestone Trophy” (“Grenzsteintrophy“ = GST) will take place, followed by Trans Germany on July 02. The GST race, the big brother of this year’s first Candy B. Graveller race, follows the previous border between West and East Germany and the[…]

Marka Pentagram Brevet

Pentagram zigzag course through Norway’s dark woods

The recently announced Marka Pentagram Brevet promises to be a remarkable trip through Norway’s wilderness. There is something mysterious and dark about the slogan “Prepare for Darkness”. The route resembles a pentagram starting from Oslo in five 50 km long diagonals through deserted country awaiting fearless gravel bikers with approximately 5000 m altitude. After a[…]