Ride beyond stereotypes

ORTLIEB Ladiescamp in Slovenia – Let’s Ride Beyond Stereotypes

ORTLIEB Ladiescamp in Slovenia „How should I bring all my gear”, moans Jaqueline – who is soon called Wilma by everybody – in distress. Her framebag seems to burst at the seams. It’s the first night in the so-called Ladiescamp. The atmosphere is great, though the girls hardly know each other and some of them[…]

A Fall Ride ©Cyclingkrauts

A Fall Ride – Bikepacking on the trail „Rothaarsteig”

In spring 2017 the Cyclingkrauts took part in the race Bikepacking Trans Germany and composed a great video. A colorful fall awaits us now with more bikepacking trips. Sven and Lukas, the two bikers of Cyclingkrauts selected the trail Rothaarsteig. Their equipment included lots of camera gear for creating more great shots. The two bikers[…]

Bikepacking Trans Germany and Milestone Trophy

Two of the toughest bikepacking self-supported races in Germany are approaching. On June 17, the “Milestone Trophy” (“Grenzsteintrophy“ = GST) will take place, followed by Trans Germany on July 02. The GST race, the big brother of this year’s first Candy B. Graveller race, follows the previous border between West and East Germany and the[…]