Planning a micro-adventure often means taking a small trip in your own head. You imagine yourself already on your bike, riding through nature and then at a campfire.

Map case

Map case

Whether you plan a tour down to the smallest details in advance or only decide on a few points is up to you. Nature campgrounds, large wind shelter huts, or barbecue areas are usually ideal destinations. It is easy to find the nearest supermarket or a 24-hour petrol station on the Internet. You can simply connect the starting point, the supply station, and the desired destination with a route planner (e.g. ), which will already give you a guide for your little adventure. You can either provide the final touch on your computer or simply realize your trip on site with a map of the region: If a path turns out to be unrideable or totally boring, you can spontaneously change your plans right there. Put romantically: There are as many worthwhile routes and destinations as there are stars in the sky. Here are a few suggestions for selecting a route:

Good route collections and descriptions for bikepackers can be found here

Exciting routes for bikepackers:


Cherusker 500 (500 km)

Schwarzwald-Bike-Crossing (450 km)

Hochröhner (175 km)

Rennsteig (170 km)