The Overnighter

“But I know, and have always known, that we 20th-century humans need to escape at intervals from that alien world which has so abruptly replaced the environment that bred us. We need to be close, and opposed to, and sometimes subservient to, and always respectful of the physical realities of the planet we live on. We need to receive its pure silence and attend to its winds, to wade through its rivers and sweat under its sun, to plough through its sand and sleep on its bumps. Not all the time, but often enough for us to remember, that we are animals. Clever animals, yet ultimately dependent, like any other animal, on the forces of Nature.’ – Dervla Murphy

Actually it’s always the same. Work is stressful, the boss is a pain in the neck, the weekend is too short, my flat is a mess, and then this “I should have done this and that feeling”. Time passes by and we keep on dreaming of a long vacation and freedom of letting go. We keep on scrolling through our Instagram feed and are satisfied with reading about somebody else’s adventure. These sidetracks are not taking us anywhere, because tomorrow is Monday.

But it doesn’t have to be a large round the world trip or a yearned for 2 week holiday. Sometimes even a weekend getaway helps us getting out of our daily routine: overnighter, micro adventure or the old-fashioned weekend trip, name it as you like. As a matter of fact, we should spend more often a night under the stars, in the outdoors and instead of dreaming of great adventures we should experience small ones.

Therefore we would like to give you some ideas for realizing your next overnighter:

Overnighter means at least one night

That is the most important rule that you should follow. Biking a few hours on Saturday afternoon is simply not the same as spending the entire weekend outdoors.

Fix a specific weekend

Get your calendar and fix a weekend. Highlight it in bright colors and remember, no excuses no delays. The world will await you on that weekend.

What if it is raining?

Too cold, too wet, too hot, too windy? Forget about weather and facts that you cannot influence. Accept that it might rain all weekend and realize that you can’t do anything about it instead of cancelling the weekend. Get your rain jacket and a few extra pairs of socks.

Full anticipation

In case you plan an overnighter with friends or your partner, get together for a drink or a nice dinner to have a look at the map and organize your next weekend together.

Keep it simple.

Don’t worry about unnecessary preparations. Keep your plans as simple as possible. Remember you will only be gone for a few days, this is a not an expedition lasting for several weeks. Riding a lightweight bike will be more fun, so reduce your luggage and your preparations to a minimum; that way cleaning away your stuff will also be quicker. It is useful to always store your complete gear in one place so that you will have things packed quickly when you decide to go.

Why seek far afield when the good is close by

Well, the forests and hills behind your house might not be so exciting and exotic, but it’s not all about going somewhere special. Often a track that you normally do as a day trip will be perfectly suited for an overnighter, so it doesn’t have to be a new trail you haven’t tested before. Now you have time to bike without the pressure to be at home at a certain time.
You might also choose a certain destination or attraction as focus for your weekend. For sure there is something new for you that you haven’t visited before.

Every micro adventure is an adventure

Leave your tent at home and find a suitable hideaway, shelter or sleep under the stars. Do the trip all by yourself or with a new acquaintance. Go and look for something to broaden your horizon and get out of the dull daily routine.

Enjoy a relaxed coming home

It is Sunday evening and your weekend was a full success. Your bike is still muddy, your tarp wet because it rained last night, the camping dishes haven’t been washed and you are pleasantly exhausted. Clearing away your gear immediately is the most difficult part of the overnighter. However, get your things sorted out immediately. This will spare you stressful times and mess later on. On such a Sunday night you might reward yourself with a takeaway dinner instead of cooking yourself.

Because outdoor coffee is so much better!

The weekend was amazing, but we get back to our daily routine and forget how great it was. Our good resolutions remain just that. Therefore: decorate your fridge with photos, postcards and small souvenirs remembering you: “It was gorgeous, just do it again!”

Written by Franzi from Tales on Tyres


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