Gravel meets bike-packing and history

Finally the gravel trend made it to Germany and meets bike packing. Candy B. Graveller is Germany’s first gravel self-supported ride following the Frankfurt – Berlin Air Bridge for almost 600 km. The ride is open to 69 riders and will start end of April. So if you are interested, hurry up!

Candy B Graveller

Gravel meets bike-packing and history

Candy B. Graveller follows the tracks of the Berlin Air Bridge, a long distance self-supported bicycle event starting on April 28, 2017. The route is 550 to 600 km long and follows the Frankfurt/Main – Berlin air corridor. This corridor was used by British and US air force in order to supply West Berlin during the blockage in 1948/49. The exact route will be announced a few weeks prior to the start.

Typically for a gravel ride, natural paths are predominantly used. Initiator Gunnar Fehlau explains: “These tracks are too rough for a classical road bike and too boring for a mountain bike.” Gunnar initiated the first European self-supported event ever in 2009 with the “landmark trophy”.

“The best bike for such a terrain is the gravel racer”, explains Gunnar Fehlau, a mixture of long distance road bike and cyclocross bike typical for bike packing trips with a minimum of luggage.

The self-supported event demands participants to bring along all they need or to buy it along their way. Escort vehicles or individual support by third party is not permitted. Booking accommodation ahead is not allowed, however, this would be very untypical for bike packing micro adventures where riders mostly spend the night in the outdoors. Furthermore, participants will deliver a care package to a Berlin social institution, just like the “candy bomber” Gail Halvorsen, the legendary US-pilot who distributed little parachutes with candy. Riders will then meet at the Berlin Air Bridge Memorial, happy after successfully mastering the first Candy B. Graveller, Germany’s first self-supported gravel ride. That’s all that matters, time is not measured and there is no award ceremony.

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