Ride beyond Stereotypes – Bikepacking Ladiescamp



Ride beyond Stereotypes – Bikepacking only for real guys?

Bikepacking is the latest trend, and is getting increasingly popular, however, this type of traveling by bike is mainly enjoyed by male bikers. Is bikepacking a testosterone dominated playground for bikers? This issue was also questioned by ORTLIEB who will prove the opposite in June: ORTLIEB will organize the first Bikepacking Ladiescamp – Ride beyond Stereotypes.
The event will take place from June 25 to 30, 2018 and will offer 8 female participants a trip covering 300 kilometers and 5000 meters altitude in Slovenia. The tour will finish at the Mediterranean Sea after an adventurous, tough and demanding trip. Dinners at the campfire and nights under the stars will be the riders’ regeneration.

Bombtrack Bikes, Bikepacking-Equipment from Globetrotter and ORTLIEB

The female bikers will be equipped with bikes by Bombtrack, equipment sponsored by Globetrotter and bikepacking bags by ORTLIEB.
Currently we are looking for ladies who would like to take part in this adventure.
The tour will take you through Slovenia’s only national park, and will be accompanied by a camera team and two experienced female bike packing experts and bloggers. Please file your applications with our partners Globetrotter and the magazine Focus. Find more information at

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